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Photo of Redoubt #3 Monument dedicated 7 January, 2006

The FSCWS was founded in March of 2005, by Mr. Glenn Trimmer and Mr. D. P. Newton after a Civil War Redoubt (#3) in Eastern Stafford County was destroyed during development. This redoubt's walls were over 70 feet long, 12 and half feet tall and were surrounded by a moat four feet deep. Despite two and one half years of County and developer review, neither happened to find this redoubt. Indeed, various County and developer spokepersons stated afterwards that they were unaware of any Civil War fortifications in this area. In some cases, they and even a local newspaper reporter questioned whether redoubt number 3 ever existed. In the County's case the destruction episode was made worse by the fact that the Redoubt was depicted on the Historical Map sold by the County driving school fredericksburg va. Both County officials and developer spokespersons said after the fact that if only they had known sooner, steps would have been taken to save this redoubt. While the FSCWS was initially formed to refute the idea that the redoubt never existed, today it exists to test the premise that given timely notification of a Civil War site, the County and developers will take appropriate actions to preserve, or as a minimum, to record it for cleaning services stafford va

The primary mission of the FSCWS is to ensure the County and developers are informed of Civil War sites in time to take action. We provide them information in a manner, which if disregarded, will allow us to single out individual developers or officials that need to be held accountable by Stafford County citizens. Finally, in those cases where preservation is not feasible due to the needs of the County and its citizens, we work with developers to explore options for partial preservation, or proper recording before the site is gone forever.

Specifically, the FSCWS provides GPS location information, photographs, plumbers in stafford va, locksmith stafford va and site documentation to the County and developers necessary to turn future preservation debates from, "Oh if only we had known . . ." to "Now that we know, what can we do?" If nothing is done, we will publicize the lack of action by specific developers and County officials so that County voters, or regulatory boards can hold them accountable if you need a roofer stafford va.

We concentrate only on Civil War sites where significant physical evidence of Civil War use still remains. Examples include, but are not limited to, earthworks, forts, redoubts and dug-in campsites. We work with the County, and developers, tv and internet service providers tv and internet service providersbut based on past precedent, will not leave to them the critical task of identifying and protecting Stafford's Civil War sites. We believe a citizens group like ours is necessary to help them to do the right thing. Call us for a handyman stafford va and provide water damage restoration dc

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